Our Surroundings Inspire

Tall tumbler with image transfer

     Living in the Sierra Mountains we are surrounded by beauty. We've been trying to capture that in our work lately. Sometimes it's texture. Sometimes it's color. Sometimes both. Late August and early September always seem to bring great sunsets. 

Above the Truckee River on the Glennshire Bluffs you can see a very expansive view of the Pacific Crest. 

    The mountains turn colors of rose, purple and red with the Alpenglow. The sky does the same. Down in the meadows and valleys there are almost always wild flowers to find. This time of year you can still see Purple Lupine along with Golden Rabbit Brush. The Red Willows by the water begin to turn.

Purple Lupine in Martis Valley

     The early evening and late summer colors are represented on one of our new tumblers. We layer glazes with stains and clear coats in a specific pattern that we've tested. And when they go into the kiln they almost look the same. But when they come out each pot has it's own mountain skyline with sunset.