Botanical Pressed Mugs Are Back

Botanical pressed mugs are back. Aspen Leaves, Lavender Flowers, Mules Ear Leaves, Indian Paintbrush Flowers and Yarrow Flowers inspire. We've crafted these mugs in the past using rolled slab clay to hand build a slender tumbler. This time around we decided to wheel throw stoneware buff clay in the shape of a coffee to go paper cup. The idea is to stop using the paper cups. And these new mugs will fit into your car or beach/camping chair cup holder so you don't have to leave them at home when your on the go or hanging out under the stars. These mugs are going into the shop today at . You can also contact us here on the website via email. 

Next week we will be firing some new tall tumblers with image transfers. 



All five designs.


Mules Ear Leaf with Yarrow in the background.

Indian Paintbrush in our greenhouse with strawberries growing up.