The Stars Shine Bright In Truckee

You can count the stars by candle light.....


If you've been following us for awhile you know we don't usually do handled mugs. But we do get asked to do them all the time. Well...... Voilà, Poof, Bam, Presto! We just unloaded the kiln with a small batch of coffee cups with handles and image transfers. Three different images in 5 colors. 

1. The Stars Shine Bright In Truckee

2. Cricket Playing Fiddle

3. Bike

Most of these are headed into the shop today but we did set a side a couple for the web.

You can buy a green Stars Cup here :

And a blue Cricket Cup here :

Cricket Playing Fiddle

A great sized coffee cup that's actually wine and juice safe too!

Sweet serenade....