The Inspiration Behind Our Deer Serving Platters and Bowls

We took the deer to the lake today. Thought she might like it.

     We see deer all the time here in Truckee, CA. Mule deer to be exact. Well, actually we really don't see deer in the winter. At our elevation in the Sierra Nevada mountains it gets pretty darn cold and snows a lot. Did i say it snows a lot? Over 700 inches this past winter. So when it dumps the deer head down towards NV just outside Reno where the weather, and the gambling, is just a bit better in winter. 

Everyday - Any Meal Bowl

     However, in the spring, summer and fall we see deer right outside our studio. But that's not the deer that inspired our platters and bowls. Nope. Our muse is a piece of art hanging in the pottery studio. Our friend's mother created a beautiful block print of a deer and it's reflection in the water it's bending down to drink. 

A deer and her double printed reflection. Cool.

     For our platters and bowls the silhouette is created by painting wax resist onto the dish; then glazing around the deer. We like the contrast this creates both visually and texturally between the speckled calico clay body and the white glaze. 

7.5" X 7.5" x 3" 

     Inspiration is all around us. We hope this little post helps to inspire you. If you like what you see here the platter and bowl are both available in the shop or online below with an option for pick up if you live near by:


Deer Platter

Deer Bowl