We Put A Bird On It. What Are You Gonna Put On It?

Black Bird Soap Dish

      This dish was made using a hand carved wooden bird stamp, white stoneware slab, a rectangle mold and black wash. First we cut the rectangle shape of our dish from the slab and pressed our bird into the clay using the wooden stamp. After that we round off the edges. Then, using the rectangle mold, we shape the dish. This is where the box outline comes from. Neat-O! At this point we let the dish dry for several days before firing it in the kiln. Once fired and cooled we stain and wash the dish to reveal our bird in a box. Load her up in the kiln one more time..... fire the dish one more time....... And ginger snaps! We have our finished dish.

     So what are you gonna put on it? Soap? Spoons? Jewelry? Tea Bags?


You can buy a bird here

Or at Riverside Studios in Downtown Truckee, CA

Tools we used to make this dish. Note the sun tea ( all-important tool)

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush... 

Bird dish finds new home


  Put a bird on it....